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We are affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism, the association of Conservative congregations in North America.

This Month in American Jewish History

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January, 2014  During the First Red Scare, 1921
November, 2013   Daniel Webster, 1849
September, 2013  Yom Kippur, New York,  1855
May, 2013   First Jewish Sermon Published in America, 1773
April, 2013  Lewis Cass Presses to Protect American Jews Abroad, 1854
September, 2012   Jewish Support for Troops in World War I, 1918
May, 2012    George Washington To Savannah Congregation, 1790
April, 2012    John Tyler to Jacob Ezekiel, 1847
March, 2012  Jewish Women Call for Change, 1972
January, 2012   Thoman Jefferson to Isaac Harby, 1826
December, 2011   Genreal Forsyth to Rabbi Henry Cohen, 1897
November, 2011   Theodore Roosevelt to Jacob Schiff, 1905

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